Monday, February 2, 2015

How Will You Remember Super Bowl XLIX?

First off, it's good to be back writing The Skinny On Sports. I had a taken a brief hiatus due to some personal reasons, but it is great to be back writing the blog where it all started out.

This morning, sports fans across the country woke up somewhere between a food coma and a hangover. To make things worse, it's Monday, meaning they had to drag themselves to work while there bodies begged them to stay in bed, or by the toilet.

At work, it's no secret what the conversation topic of choice will be: Super Bowl XLIX.

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a Fundamental Thing...

Zimmerman, above, has committed 9 errors this season.
The beginning of this years Washington Nationals season hasn't quite met expectations. While the team is still 2 games above .500 and just 2.5 games behind the Braves for the NL East lead, the Nationals certainly have the talent to be in first and many more games in the green.

Like the old saying goes: "Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships." When it comes to the Nationals, it doesn't look like they'll be selling tickets anytime soon and they definitely won't be winning championships at the rate their going defensively.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

For Redskins Tevita Stevens, All He Needs is an Opportunity

Stevens, 54, was signed by the Redskins following the draft.

Whenever somebody mentioned the Utah Utes this draft season, the first, and maybe only, name that came to mind was Star Lotulelei. However, the Redskins recently signed undrafted rookie free agent offensive lineman Tevita Stevens from Utah. He recently sat down to tell me his story...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sports. They can be a beautiful thing. They can be a healing thing. They can be a remedy for pain and suffering.

This past Monday, Boston was rocked when two bombs went off at the finish of the Boston Marathon as I'm sure most of you, hopefully all of you, may have at least heard about. Due to the suspects still on the loose, security at sporting events was heightened and at some Boston sports spectacles, even canceled.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Play Ball!!!

Photo: MLB Google Plus Page
This one may be a day late, but it still means the same nonetheless. Baseball is back. And thank goodness it is. The crack of the bat, the whistling of the ball as it flies through the air, and the roar of the crowd as the hero does his home run trot around the bases. Ah's beautiful.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let the Madness Begin!!

As Championship Week for college basketball has ended, we now begin possibly the greatest spectacle in all of sports...well, at least college sports: March Madness.

It's time for 64, 68 if you count the play-in games, teams to take center stage on the TVs of millions world wide as the greatest month in sports kicks into high gear. Top teams will fall, underdogs will rise, and by the time the dust settles, one will be crowned champion.

The best thing about March Madness is the opportunity for a Cinderella. This is the only time where sports can have a true Cinderella. While football has surprise teams, there's nothing better than a team that has not shot at the tourney to win their conference championship and earn that automatic bid and then go on to win the whole cup-o-noodles (i.e. 1983 NC State men's team).

This is when teams, players, and coaches step up and make a name for themselves. It's always interesting to see which player will go from prospective-undrafted player to prospective-draft pick simply for a huge showing in March.

March is when schools can begin to solidify themselves among the tops in college basketball. Just ask VCU. Ever since they made the big dance and upset Duke in the first round 7 years ago, they have become a national power and have been contenders in the big dance ever since.

It's not limited to schools. Coaches can use this glorious month to stake their claims among the greatest. Smith, Knight, Valvano, Wooden, just to name a few have graced the big stage on this hallowed month. Today, the likes of Krzyzewski, Williams, Crean, Matta, Izzo, and Petino are the cream of the crop. However, a new batch of names like Larranaga and Smart are rising to the top ready to take the spotlight.

It provides with new names think about in preparation for the NBA Draft. Steph Curry, Kyle O'Quinn, and Kenneth Faried went from zeros to heros to draft picks following strong performances in the tournament.

We now embark on a journey where will undoubtedly laugh, cry, smile, and scream all in the same game. We have our favorites and our upset picks. So gather around the TV with some of your best friends and get your favorite six pack and your favorite bag of chips.

Who will rise to the top? Who will sink to the bottom? Who will become this years Cinderella story?? I DON'T KNOW!!


I've got THE Ohio State winning the whole tournament. Who do you have? Leave you answer in a comment below!